The World’s Economic Prediction for the Next 2 Years

Today, I’m going to talk about the economic prediction of the world for the next two years. I use dictionary reading to forecast the economic situation of the world first. Then I will use Tarot and oracle reading as well. I am going to give you lots of information that can help you a lot. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, please read this article and also watch the related video that I will share with you later.

Dictionary Reading About the World’s Economic Prediction for the Next 2 Years

It says there are two large waves of economic change and one is going to be in east of the world and the other one is in south. There is something with Jewish economies, and Jewish world and something is going to be revealed (maybe the peace deals and agreements of Israel and Arabic counties will help their economy to grow and get better).

First let’s see what the dictionary is saying and then I will tell you what it means:

But there are bad news for the rest of the world. The whole world is going to be in a worse economy. The next two years, it’s going to be with the same situation and then there will be something in the seas and oceans that going to be very very huge. It says with regards to certain reasons or considerations at any rate anyhow with any respects to point of views. Notarian speaking loud with  publicity allowed real real jump spotting ignorance and of him who consider himself wise. There’s someone who says what the hell do I care… and silver and nitrate… something regarding to silver nitrate learner caustic with you…

So for the next two years, the economy is going to go down all around the world for sure. It’s going to be so much technologies like virtual world, everything online, so that’s going to be a revolution for mostly in east and south. It’s going to be a rationing system and money loaded to gamblers in a game house of the high interest. What the last sentence tell me is that whatever is happening it’s
been planned.

Tarot Reading

It seems like people feel trapped and they don’t know what to do, where to go. They’re trying to see what’s next. They’re very stressed about their money; how to make more money; how to work; how to find a job; what other job options are going to be, and they all rush into fine and safe places. So everything, all technology everything is going to be moving in a new direction. The way of living everything is going to be changed. For example, everything is going to be like there will be no cash money. Everything is going to be digitally valued. So that’s going to be just digits and you don’t see exact [real] coins. It’s all in your device and you just pay virtually but that payment has value behind. For example, if it’s… I don’t agree with bitcoin because there is no value behind it but let’s say Ethereum is based on technology, so that’s okay; like there are so many digital currencies that are backed up with gold. So those are valuable as well.

People are going to search for that type of digital currencies.

Whoever is running businesses they are trying to see what options are better and which one works for them. There are so many different options. Many of them open a new way of living and making money. So you have to be smart and go with the flow and make these changes profitable in your career your business in order to survive, otherwise, you’re going to fall behind with closures and everything you can’t move forward but that’s going to be good for the environment because by people not going to work, it’s good for pollution and it helps the world to breathe.

It’s hard working for some people who lose their jobs. It is difficult for them to make money. There will be so many deaths, so that’s gonna be heartbreaking. But nobody can do anything for now because it is what it is, but at the end is going to be three companies together will celebrate finding the solution for the economy crisis, and so the three major companies they are going to find their
best solution for the whole world and they will be balancing for the situation. They will find balance everywhere, and their people start working again. The whole world will begin again and so everybody is going to be a different with different brand new way of living. It’s going to be a new era of living for human beings, and it’s going to be a very joyful new beginning. People go for it. They have no choice because they have to go with the flow.

So let’s see what else we get. We said for the next two years and all those changes are going to happen and yeah people are going to talk about the way how to make more money, how to find their economy and move forward. It’s gonna be so many international meeting regarding those universal tradings and those stuffs and soon after that solution whatever happens online and digital world the whole thing is going to calm down. As you see everything is going to be digital and online, but some people will regret following the rules and following with the the rest of the whole world, but it’s okay because they can catch up as well.

If some companies don’t have enough resources to make changes, it’s okay. They can survive after.

Let’s see what advice they give us for the better economy. So they give us a good advice here. It says what do you need to release. So it’s exactly what I just told you. The whole world and universe
like every companies every people like high standing people who are running countries, they say what do we need to release and what should we bring in again, so everybody is going to create new stuffs, new technologies, new way of living. Whatever it is, it’s going to make countries to think about what they need to release and what should they invent a new cycle of living is and it begins. So they start changing now. The energy is gaining momentum. That’s it. So everything gradually are moving forward and they’re working on it right now.

Advice from God: Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of god.

It means you have to accept the changes and renewal. Everybody has to accept the way of living right now and just be together and just go with the whole world to make changes and accept it. No fight. Not to be different from others. All together because we all around the world sharing the planet and we have to protect our earth and save it for better living for the next generations and for the safety of us and our children.

That’s all for now.

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