How Does Your Sign at Birth Sway Your Future Financials?

Zodiac signs are the affection of movement and the positioning of the moon, sun, and earth which might sway your future financials.

The earth’s gravity and the distance from the moon at the time of birth has a significant effect on human being characteristics at birth.

Although the genetic facts have the most important effects on any individual, the date and time of your birth also generate a big change in your characteristics and decision makings in your life.

Each star sign has its own degrees and distance from the earth with the degrees from the earth’s north, south, and the equator, which implements different levels of magnetic energies between the earth, moon, and sun.

Those above-mentioned scientific factors leave significant effects on human beings and animals’ behaviors in their daily basis living as well.

When there is a full moon in the month of your zodiac sign, you will feel down and may make the wrong mistakes and decisions during those three days of the month.

Based on that fact you should verify your zodiac astrology horoscope on a daily basis in order to make sure it’s safe to make decisions and the meaning behind your controllable behavior.

Individualistic of Each Birth Sign

The level of magnetic energies at the time and location of your birth at your birthday will initiate your future personalities and behaviors.

Based on Newton’s laws, 2nd law “Force of earth’s gravity” and the 3rd law “When two objects interact with each other, both will apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction.” Then the energy between the two objects is the one which leaves behavior changes in human being and animals when is the full moon.


Zodiac signs are containing four elements such as Fire, Earth, Air, and Watter.

  • Fire signs are (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarian)
  • Earth signs are (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Air signs are (Geminin, Libra, and Aquarius)
  • Water signs are (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

If you were born in the first part of your zodiac month, you will also get some characteristics of the previous or right after zodiac sign as well.

For example, if your sign is Aquarius and your date of birth is between Jan 20 to Feb 5th, you will have intelligent behavior to make more money because you’ll get some extra energies is linked also to the earth sign which is a symbol of wealth and money.

Moreover, if your sign is Aquarius but your date of birth is between Feb 6th to Feb 19, then you’ll have a water sign as your sub-characteristic and you’re way of intelligent creativities will lead you to become an artist full of love and innovations, and you will be creative of what you love and not very important to focus on the financial side of your plans.

Astronomy vs. Astrology

Astronomy is the result based on facts and research while Astrology is the way we interpreted what is in the sky and the pictures of stars arts and how we picture them.

That’s why Astrology is more fun and subjective and each collection of stars has its own artwork meaning.

What is Astrology Birth Chart Then?

The astrology birth chart is an exact time and location of your birth. Depending on that location and the date and time, what the stars were pictured at the time is your astrology sign.

So, the time of your birth is important because every 30 minutes the earth is moving, and the sky views change as well, and it’s picturing different stars on the sky.

In many cultures, they don’t announce the exact birth time of the person, because if someone finds out about your birth chart they can do some voodoo magic on you.

Your birth chart has to be based on the position of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (rising sign) which called the primal triad.

  • Sun: Is the date where you were born and in which season, It represents your mental function, personality, your ego, and the total of who you really are.
  • Moon: Is all your mood, feeling, emotional sensitivities.
  • Ascendant(Rising sign): People’s first impression when they see you, how people feel about you and how your personality’s energy affects the others when they see you, and all public appearances about you.

An Example of Your Birth Chart and Your Personality

I’m using my own as an example of how my birth chart affected my personality and my finances and career.

I am a ———-, with the spirit of ———, playing the rule of a ———.

I am a Programmer analyst(Aquarius zodiac sun sign), with the spirit of a Psychic (the archetype of Pisces women moon sign), playing the rule of a Nurse (one of the archetypes of geminin).

So, I can be vague but very compassionate at the same time. I love to learn about a variety of different skills and people with similar personalities’ most fear is to lose their freedom.

Components of the Birth Chart

We are having twelve months in a year:

  1.  Aries(I Am)
  2.  Taurus(I Have)
  3.  Geminin(I Know)
  4.  Cancer(I Feel)
  5.  Leo(I Create)
  6.  Virgo(I Analyze)
  7.  Libra(I Relae)
  8.  Scorpio(I Desire)
  9.  Sagittarius(I Understand)
  10.  Capricorn(I Utilize)
  11.  Aquarius (I Change)
  12.  Pisces(I Believe)

Then we have the solar system planets:

  1.  Sun
  2.  Mercury
  3.  Venus
  4.  Earth
  5.  Luna
  6.  Marse
  7.  Jupiter
  8.  Saturn
  9.  Uranus
  10.  Neptun
  11.  Pluto
  12.  Nibiru

Twelve houses in the chart like a time clock. and each represents a different area of life in which each house represents different personalities and characteristics.

Each planet represents a different mindset, egos, aggression, the way of thinking which helps you sway your future financials.

  • The planet represents your mental functions, communication, aggression and etc.
  • Signs are how your personality will be and why.
  • House, where most of the activities of your life is going on.

How your birth chart will look like and readable?

The objectivity of your personality(Top): If your sign is located on the upper side of the house chart with more planets, that means your life will be mostly in public eyes, like public skils and your job and career will be mostly with the public and outworks (public).

Subjectivities of your personality(Buttom): On the other hand, if your sign is located more on the lower side of the house chart it calls subjectivity, which means that most of your life will be within and solo activities (private), most of your life spatulas are with inside you. insecurity, fears, mostly inside and secret.

Freedom of your personality(Left): most of your life you will decide and chose your way of living and destiny. Your life is blanked determined and you’re free to create it.

The fate of your life(Right): your life is predetermined and you don’t have much control over them, but you still have a choice to make changes, but you can’t change the place and unfair cultures that you’ve been born at.

Lunar Nodes

North and South Nodes: Where the moon orbit crosses the Eclipse.

-South nodes, is your past lives and carried on behaviors from your past lives such as your karma, where you’ve been, and so on. It’s who you are naturally and the characteristics that you can’t change.

-North nodes, are telling you where you should go in your life, what your future will look like, and your future growth is going to look like, which sways your future financial plannings.

If you want to grow in your future, you can work on your north nodes and make changes for your future lives, because you’ve already been in your past lives and all were done already, and you can change them for your future and now.

How Your Birth Chart Sways Your Future Financial Planning?

Now, we know how your birth chart sways your future and pushes you to the right path in your life.

The best way of success is when you grow your hobbies and convert your hobbies into your carrier and you will be the best in it because you enjoy doing it.

People who are making money with their hobbies are more successful and enjoying their job and become more creative and very good at what they do.

If your birth chart shows that you are an artistic person with a creative vision, then you should use your innovation and visions to invent or create something different and unique as a career. You will be successful and wealthy by just using your talents.

Swaying your financial planning is based on your birth chart and if you feel not being successful with your finances and career, it’s better to find out about your birth chart and what the universe suggests you do.